2018-2019 Catalog

Bachelor of Applied Science in Management

The mission of the Bachelor of Applied Science in Management is to further the mission and philosophy of Strayer University by providing a unique degree program that builds upon the technical skills students acquire in technical or allied health associate degree programs. The program is designed to provide management and soft skill competencies to those with technical expertise. This will allow technical and allied health professionals to gain management skills and advance their careers.

This degree is not intended to prepare students for graduate-level study. Students desiring to pursue graduate-level study should consult with a Campus Dean, Associate Campus Dean, Dean of Advising, or Student Success Coach.

The Bachelor of Applied Science in Management program is not approved in all states. Please go to www.strayer.edu for information regarding program availability. The Bachelor of Applied Science in Management program can be completed only online in Arkansas, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania.


Area I-Core Component

ACC 100Accounting I

BUS 100Introduction to Business

CIS 105Introduction to Information Systems

ENG 115English Composition

FIN 100Principles of Finance

MAT 104Algebra with Applications

Total Credit Hours:27

Area II-Management Component

BUS 302Management Concepts

BUS 309Business Ethics

BUS 310Human Resource Management

BUS 322Organizational Behavior

BUS 375Project Management

MKT 305Consumer Behavior

BAS 499Bachelor of Applied Science in Management Capstone

Total Credit Hours:31.5

Area II-Technical Block Credit

Credits are transferred from an Associate of Applied Science Degree as Technical Block Credit.

Total Credit Hours:54

Area III-General Education Component

COM 201The Power of Effective Speaking

ENG 215Research and Writing

ENG 315Professional Communications

HUM 111World Cultures I


HUM 112World Cultures II

MAT 300Statistics

PHI 210Critical Thinking

PSY 105Introduction to Psychology


PSY 110Social Psychology


PSY 115Psychology of Success

SCI 110Introduction to Physical Science


SCI 115Introduction to Biology


SCI 200Environmental Science

SOC 100Introduction to Sociology

SOC 450Solutions to Global Issues

Total Credit Hours:45

Area IV-Elective Component

These courses are selected in consultation with the Campus Dean or Associate Campus Dean, or Success Coach; within this component it is possible for students to develop a minor in a second area of study (see "Minors").
Total Credit Hours:22.5

All courses are 4.5 quarter credit hours.

Total Credit Hours: 180.0