Strayer University student portal, iCampus (, is available to all students and allows students to keep up to date with their studies. strayer, student portal

2020-2021 Catalog

iCampus Student Portal

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Strayer University maintains iCampus (, an interactive student portal that is available to all enrolled students. iCampus offers information about admissions, academic requirements, campus information, career development, student services and more. Students can also use iCampus to perform a number of important functions, such as:

  • Viewing current class schedules
  • Registering for classes
  • Conducting research through the Learning Resources Center
  • Applying for financial assistance and scholarships
  • Accessing information on campus safety, voter registration and other important issues
  • Checking grades
  • Using career services
  • Keeping current on clubs, activities and other student services
  • Applying for a degree or diploma
  • Registering for commencement ceremonies
  • Reading motivational and inspiring content
  • Connecting with other students in student communities