2015-2016 Catalog

Student Advisory Boards

Student Advisory Boards are designed to enhance communication between the student body and senior management. They provide an opportunity for senior management to share important information about University plans, and they provide an opportunity for students to give feedback to senior management about Strayer successes, opportunities for improvement and new ideas for consideration.

The University Student Advisory Board is chaired by the Dean of Students, or designee and is comprised of representative from the local Campus Advisory Boards.  The University Student Advisory Board meets periodically to share information concerning students Strayer University experiences and to gain broad based institutional knowledge about program additions, curriculum changes, and services and facility enhancements that the University has undertaken.  The administrative staff from the Office of Student Affairs supports the campus representatives to the the University Student Advisory Boards by coordinating and participating in the quarterly meetings.

Each campus may also have a local Campus Student Advisory Board. These local Campus Boards meet with their Campus Deans and Campus Directors to provide input to campus administrators as to the individual successes, opportunities for improvement, and new initiatives for their respective campuses.