2016-2017 Catalog

Awarding of Transfer Credit—Graduate

Transfer students seeking evaluation of previous graduate level credit must provide evidence the courses are comparable in content to those offered in the program of study at Strayer University and come from an institution that is recognized by an agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education or the American Council on Higher Education. Evaluation of transcripts or academic experience is conducted by the University’s Transfer Credit Services Department in accordance with University policy.  No more than 18 quarter hour credits may be applied to a master’s degree program, and no more than 13.5 quarter hour credits may be applied to the updated Masters of Business Administration program effective Spring 2017. No courses with grades below that of a "B" will be accepted in transfer. Individual programs may require specific courses be completed at Strayer University and may not be satisfied by a transfer equivalent. The University policy regarding requirements for degree completion is located in the policy and procedures section of this catalog.

All courses evaluated for transfer credit must have been completed within ten years of the date the student is accepted into Strayer University’s graduate degree program regardless of subject matter.  Exceptions may be made if the student is pursuing a second graduate degree related to the first.  Life Credit Portfolio assessment credits are not granted for graduate courses.  Students in residence at Strayer University who choose to take a course at another institution in order to transfer those credits into their program are required to submit a Request to Pursue Courses form to an academic administrator prior to enrolling at the outside institution.

Strayer University accepts transfer credit from international institutions that is deemed equivalent to coursework in the United States. All international education documents are submitted to an approved third party evaluation provider that is a NACES member and must meet the same criteria as listed above.