2016-2017 Catalog

Awarding of Transfer Credit—Undergraduate

Students who have attended other post-secondary educational institutions and transfer to Strayer University may be eligible to receive transfer credit in one of Strayer University’s degree, diploma and certificate programs, if appropriate. All applicants are considered on their individual merit. All students are required to meet Strayer University’s academic requirements to be awarded a degree. Transfer students should follow the application procedures outlined in this catalog. Evaluation of transcripts and academic experience is conducted by the University’s Registrar Office in accordance with University policy.

No more than 126 quarter hours of credit may be applied toward a bachelor’s degree; no more than 135 quarter hours of credit may be applied toward a bachelor's of nursing degree, no more than 63 quarter hours of credit may be applied toward an associate’s degree; no more than 22.5 quarter hours of credit may be applied toward a diploma program. Credits from courses in accounting and computer-related areas are subject to a ten-year limitation when being evaluated. Students should request evaluation of transcripts and other previous learning immediately following acceptance to Strayer University to avoid possible duplication of courses. An official transcript must be submitted prior to evaluation.

For students receiving VA education benefits, all prior transcripts must be on file and evaluated by their second term. The VA student may not enroll in or receive credit at Strayer University for a course in which they have earned credit at another institution. 

No more than 30% of credit in a student’s degree program may be awarded from life or work experience, including the Life Credit Portfolio.

Incoming courses must be equivalent in content and outcomes to courses at Strayer University. The University’s Registrar Office will examine the content, outcomes, and clock/credit hours for each incoming course. Incoming undergraduate courses must meet the following basic criteria in addition to those outlined above:

  • Earned a grade of "C" or higher in the course. A grade of "D" or higher will be accepted if the student has earned an associate’s degree at the same institution as the proposed transfer course(s). Must be a minimum of 4.5 quarter hours/3.0 semester hours in length.

  • Come from an institution that is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education, or recognized by the American Council on Education, or be a University-approved corporate training course.

Strayer University works closely with companies and employees to determine if specific company training or other previous work/life experience can be articulated toward college credit at Strayer University. When evaluating previous educational training, the University requires that the company provide the name and description of the course, information about the course duration, learning objectives, learning outcomes, and student assessment. A course must equal 45 contact hours and be similar in content and outcomes to courses offered at Strayer University. Strayer utilizes guidelines set forth by the American Council on Education, Council for Adult and Educational Learning, AACRAO, and other recognized agencies to evaluate corporate training. Specifically, Strayer University examines the course content for subject matter and collegiate level work, course outcomes, and measures of outcomes.

Strayer University accepts transfer credit from international institutions that is deemed equivalent to coursework in the United States. All international education documents must be reviewed by an approved third party evaluation provider that is a National Association of Credential and Evaluation Services (NACES) member and must meet the same criteria as listed above. 

Strayer University accepts credits from acceptable organizations that have been reviewed by the American Council on Education (ACE), National College Credit Recommendation Service (NCCRS), CLEA, or other review bodies deemed appropriate by the University. Students are encouraged to submit transcripts from these organizations for review of credit.