2016-2017 Catalog

NUR 530 Nursing Leadership & Management in a Dynamic Healthcare Environment


All Area I Courses. May take one Area I course as a co-requisite


May take one Area I course as co-requisite (NUR510, NUR515, NUR520)

Examines contemporary leadership and management concepts and theories relevant to a variety of health care delivery settings. Explores the unique leadership and management challenges that nurse executives face in today’s dynamic and complex healthcare environment. Equips learners with the necessary skills to serve as change agents: collaborating effectively with stakeholders and constituencies, determining priorities within health care organizations, leading initiatives and innovations in health care organizations, and integrating technology that support the achievement of organizational and patient care outcomes. Various nursing care delivery models and staffing are analyzed. Learners evaluate the effects of pertinent laws and policies on health care delivery and nursing practice and demonstrate cultural and ethical behaviors that are essential to the nurse leadership role. Learners will have the opportunity to apply this knowledge in a practice setting.