2016-2017 Catalog

Book Voucher Program

Students attending Strayer University may become eligible for book vouchers based upon an expected credit balance in the student’s account.  Most, if not all, receivers of federal financial aid will become eligible to receive a book voucher if their total grant and loan amounts exceed the cost of tuition and fees for a given quarter.  Other recipients of third-party funding may also be eligible to receive book vouchers if the terms and conditions of their funding permits the use of approved funds for books.  The book vouchers are only able to be used at the Strayer University bookstore.

Students who would prefer not to utilize credit balances for a book voucher can simply choose not to utilize the book voucher.  No notice to the University is required.  Any student who receives a book voucher is under no obligation to use it and the amount of the book voucher is not added to their student account until the voucher is used.  For receivers of federal financial aid, there is no impact on the amount, or timeliness, of any credit balance due to them.