2016-2017 Catalog


Payment must be made within seven calendar days after registration. After seven calendar days, any registration not finalized through Student Financial Services will be dropped. If payment is not received from outside source(s) of funding, the student is personally responsible for payment of all tuition and fees. Tuition and fees may be paid by cash, personal check, money order, or major credit card. If a student's full balance is not covered by one or more standard methods of payment, that student may be allowed to pay their remaining balance in installments by executing a promissory note, the terms of which may require an initial payment towards the balance.  The remainder may be repaid in two or more installments, but no more than 12 installments. A $25 Extended Payment Fee may apply to utilize this method of payment.

A student whose tuition and fees are paid by a sponsoring institution must provide documentation of this benefit at the time of registration. Tuition and fees beyond those paid for by the sponsoring institution are due at registration. A student is personally responsible for all tuition and fees if the sponsor does not pay for any reason.