2016-2017 Catalog

ID Card Policy

Student photo identification cards (ID cards) are required of all registered students. All students must carry the card at all times when they are on University property. Campus administration and campus security guards may ask a student to present his or her ID card for entry into the building, or at any other time. If a student is unable to present the ID card, campus administration or campus security guards may ask the student to leave the campus. The ID card is required for borrowing privileges at the Learning Resources Center and may be required for entry into the Learning Resources Center. The ID card may also be required for entry into the computer lab or other facilities on any campus. ID cards may only be used by the registered student and may not be transferred to anyone. Misuse of the card may result in disciplinary action.

Students may be eligible for benefits and privileges at various business, cultural and entertainment facilities by presenting a Strayer University identification card. The photo ID card can be obtained in person at the Learning Resources Center of the student’s home campus.

Validation stickers are available quarterly and are required to keep the ID card current and valid. Proof of registration is required to obtain an ID card or a validation sticker. A replacement ID card costs five dollars. This fee is paid through Student Financial Services.