2016-2017 Catalog

Repeat Grade Calculation

During the quarter in which the "D" or "F" grade is earned, that grade is computed as part of the quarterly and cumulative grade point average for academic purposes. Repeating a course does not remove the course from the student’s academic record, but the grade may be excluded from the cumulative grade point average. When the course has been completed in another quarter, and the maximum number of repeated courses that may be excluded has not yet been reached, a grade of "repeat excluded" replaces the lesser of the two grades in the cumulative grade point average. The better grade is computed in the quarter in which it was earned and thereafter replaces the lesser grade when calculating the cumulative grade point average.

In addition to the above-listed requirements, students must fulfill all graduation requirements as listed in this catalog under Graduation requirements/Undergraduate Degree Program.

Students otherwise eligible for federal financial aid may use this funding to repeat a failed course, presuming they remain in good standing for federal financial aid.  Students who wish to improve their grade by retaking a course for which they have already received a grade higher than F may use financial aid only for the first repeat of that course.