2016-2017 Catalog

Bachelor of Science in Nursing*

The RN to BSN Program is a baccalaureate program for Registered Nurses who hold an active, unencumbered license as a Registered Nurse from any state in the United States. The purpose of the program is to educate students from diverse backgrounds in the theory and application of nursing concepts that are beyond those learned in their lower-level coursework or their current work experiences. Students will develop the skills and knowledge to prepare them for safe, quality care, consistent with nursing and healthcare regulatory requirements. The program will emphasize interdisciplinary collaboration, safety, quality, informatics, evidence-based practice, professionalism, ethics, leadership and management, pathophysiology and advanced health assessment, population/ community health.

*The RN to BSN Program is not yet approved in all states. Please go to www.strayer.edu for the latest information regarding program availability.

+Designates courses that must be taken at Strayer University.


Area I - College Core Component


SCI 205Nutrition

SCI 210Anatomy and Physiology with Lab I


SCI 211Anatomy and Physiology with Lab II


SCI 215Microbiology with Lab


Social Sciences

PSY 105Introduction to Psychology

PSY 205Life Span Development

SOC 100Introduction to Sociology


ENG 115English Composition

ENG 221Oral Communications

Total Credit Hours:45

Area II - Advanced General Education Component


MAT 104Algebra with Applications

MAT 304Statistical Concepts for Healthcare


CIS 354+Technology for Healthcare Professionals

SCI 121Chemistry for Healthcare Professionals

Social Sciences/Humanities

ENG 215Research and Writing

HIS 104American History to 1865


HIS 105American History after 1865

HUM 303+Computers and Society

General Elective

Any Non-nursing General Education Course

General Elective General Elective

Humanities/Social Sciences/Fine Art

Choose 4 courses from the following:

ENG 220American Literature

HUM 106Experience of Modern Art

HUM 111World Cultures I

HUM 112World Cultures II

REL 212World Religions

Total Credit Hours:54

Areal III - RN License

Active, unencumbered U.S. Registered Nurse License (Equivalent of Lower-Level Nursing Core Courses and NCLEX-RN Examination)

Total Credit Hours:45

Area IV - Major Component+

+All courses must be completed at Strayer University and no transfer credit will be awarded.

NUR 300Transition to Baccalaureate Nursing Practice

NUR 310Quality and Safety in Healthcare

NUR 315Applied Healthcare Informatics

NUR 325Application of Pathophysiology to Advanced Health Assessment

NUR 400Contemporary Healthcare Issues

NUR 410Interdisciplinary Leadership and Management

NUR 425Population-Focused Nursing for Diverse Communities

NUR 499RN to BSN Capstone

Total Credit Hours:36
All courses are quarter credit hours.

Total Credit Hours: 180