Student Handbook


Students wishing to travel abroad must submit their I-20 to the Market Director to be endorsed for travel by a Designated School Official. The I-20 must be submitted at least one week prior to departure. Passports must remain valid at all times while in the United States. Foreign passports may be revalidated in the United States by the authorized representatives of foreign governments, usually officials of the embassy or consulates. The passport renewal process in some countries can be lengthy, so students should contact the appropriate embassy well in advance of their passport expiration date. For a listing of embassies in Washington, DC, please visit .

For students reentering the United States, a valid visa is required. As long as the visa indicates an F-1 visa type, allows multiple entries, and has not yet expired or been canceled, the student does not have to apply for a new visa. If a students’ visa will expire within 6 months of planned reentry, it is recommended that the student obtain a renewed F-1 Visa. Expired visas must be renewed in the student’s country of origin. Students must consider the time and travel necessary to obtain a new visa when making such arrangements.