Student Handbook

General Eligibility

The general requirements for receipt of student financial aid include the following:

  1. Demonstrated financial need (except for some loan programs)
  2. United States citizenship or eligible non-citizen status
  3. High school diploma or equivalent
  4. Acceptance by the University for enrollment in a degree or certificate program
  5. Enrollment in an eligible academic program
  6. Valid social security number
  7. Registration with Selective Service, if applicable
  8. Maintenance of satisfactory academic progress standards established by the University (see below)
  9. Not in default on a federal student loan or owe money on a federal student grant
  10. Certification that student will use federal student aid funds for educational purposes
  11. Student loan borrowing has not exceeded aggregate loan limits

Applying For Financial Aid

Strayer University’s Student Financial Services (SFS) administers and awards financial aid to all eligible students. Strayer University’s financial aid (FA) management system consists of the Student Needs Analysis Portal (SNAP) and a student self-service portal.

Please contact your campus Business Office if you have any questions regarding completing SNAP, the master promissory note, or entrance counseling.
  • Needed documents. These documents are required before SFS can complete a student's financial aid application and disburse federal student aid. The sooner the student provides these documents, the sooner SFS can complete his or her financial aid. Once all documnets are received, it takes approximately fifteen (15) business days for funds to arrive and disburse to the student's account.
  • Financial aid award. Students may view their financial aid award online through the student self-service portal. In order for SFS to disburse the awarded federal student aid to the student’s account, all eligibility requirements (submission of additional required documents, establishing attendance, Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) status, etc.) must be met. Funds are marked ‘paid’ when they have posted to the student’s Strayer University ledger. Funds that are ‘accepted’ have not yet been paid.

If financial aid is not awarded and payment is not received from outside source(s) of funding, the student is personally responsible for payment of all tuition and fees.
Access: Students may log into SNAP and the self-service portal at any time by going to iCampus at and entering their existing iCampus user ID and password . Under the Financial Aid & Support menu, select “Financial Aid” where "Apply for F inancial Aid " or " View Financial Aid, " Options are available on the page. If you currently do not have an iCampus ID, please visit and click on “Tuition & Financial Aid to obtain additional information regarding financial aid.
Apply for FA: The SNAP application process provides all of the tools you need to apply for federal student aid. Here, you can complete your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). If you plan to use federal student loans, SNAP will link you to the Department of Education’s site at where you can apply for your FSA PIN, complete your master promissory note, and complete entrance counseling. You will use your PIN to electronically sign the master promissory note and the entrance counseling.
View my FA: The student self-service portal allows students to view the status of their financial aid and any pending requirements or actions necessary to complete the financial aid process. Students will see the information noted below on the portal: