2017-2018 Catalog

Withdrawal Charges for Federal Financial Aid Recipients

Financial aid recipients are subject to the institutional refund calculation for individual course withdrawals listed for their respective states in the “Add/Drop Policy and Course Withdrawal” section of this catalog, above. These calculations are also applied if a student entirely withdraws from Strayer University. In addition, when a recipient of Title IV funds entirely withdraws from Strayer University (whether by formal withdrawal or administrative withdrawal), Strayer University is required to calculate how much federal financial aid was earned by the student in order to determine if funds are required to be returned to the Department of Education. This calculation is based on the student's last date of attendance using official Strayer University records. After the 60% point in the term of enrollment, the student is deemed to have earned 100% of the Title IV funds he/she was scheduled to receive during the term, and no funds are required to be returned.

It is important that students fully understand the consequences of a decision to withdraw from Strayer University. If the amount returned as a result of the return to Title IV calculation is greater than the amount he/she would receive under the refund calculation (those listed in the "Add/Drop Policy and Course Withdrawal" section), the difference will be immediately due and payable in full to Strayer University.

Additional information regarding this calculation can be found in the Financial Aid section of the Student Handbook, which is available online at https://icampus.strayer.edu.