2017-2018 Catalog


As the business world began to expand toward the end of the 19th century, Dr. S. Irving Strayer opened the doors of Strayer’s Business College in Baltimore, Md., in 1892. He was joined in this endeavor by Thomas W. Donoho.

The institution quickly became popular and, in 1904, Dr. Strayer and Mr. Donoho opened a second location in Washington, D.C. With the passage of federal income tax laws in 1913 and the resulting growth in the accounting field, the Washington branch of Strayer’s Business College assumed a leading role in graduating qualified professionals.

After World War I, the Strayer College of Accountancy was established as a separate institution in 1928, and the emphasis of study shifted to preparation for the certified public accountant examination. By 1959, Strayer began to incorporate the new accounting curriculum with various courses offered by the business college. Consequently, Strayer was licensed to grant the Bachelor of Science degree 10 years later and was renamed Strayer College.

Strayer continued offering more program options and, by 1987, the school received permission to confer master’s degrees. In 1996, the University launched a groundbreaking online learning program that remains popular among working adults. The school’s name officially changed to Strayer University in 1998.

By 2011, the Jack Welch Management Institute became a part of Strayer University to offer executive education programs based on the leadership principles of Jack Welch, the former chairman and chief executive officer of General Electric.

With students taking classes at more than 70 campuses in 15 states and Washington, D.C., or via the internet, Strayer University is now one of the most well-known adult-focused universities in America.