2017-2018 Catalog

Online Classes

Students enrolled at Strayer University in undergraduate or graduate academic programs may choose to take online courses.

Students must have reliable access to a computer and the Internet. Synchronous and asynchronous courses taught online begin and end on the same dates as the ground-based classes taught at Strayer University. Synchronous real-time courses are conducted through regular class meetings, where professors and students are online at the same time. Asynchronous courses use a delivery platform that allows independent online study, where students can access course content and interact with the professor at different times. Both delivery methods have the same academic requirements as those courses taught in the ground-based classroom environment.

All synchronous and asynchronous classes are conducted online. During the scheduled class periods offered synchronously, each class member accesses the University’s learning management system and is online in a conversational mode with the instructor and other class members. In this mode, the students are presented lectures, case studies, discussion questions, and problems; they interact with the instructor and other class members.  Students in synchronous classes must meet during the posted time in order to post attendance.

Asynchronous classes are conducted by and developed in coordination with the Strayer University faculty. During the course, faculty assess students, respond to inquiries, and interact with the students to support their learning efforts. Student assessment typically includes discussions, videos, written exams, quizzes, projects, presentations, research papers, and case studies.  Live chat sessions serve as open discussion sessions, during which students are coached, topic questions are elaborated upon, and feedback is given on assessment events. Video and other multi-media are encouraged to provide additional forums for faculty and students to share insights.

Students are able to contact their instructor outside the scheduled online sessions by e-mail, telephone, or by scheduling personal meetings. A constant academic dialogue is maintained as students submit their assignments throughout the quarter and receive feedback from the instructor.

Students taking classes online must meet the same admission and financial aid requirements, must observe the same policies and procedures, and have the same access to student services and activities as those students taking classes in the traditional classroom environment.

Students who live in states where Strayer University has a campus and who enroll online must follow the curriculum requirements and policies of their home state unless otherwise indicated. Students should check with their campus for confirmation on program availability.