2017-2018 Catalog

The Learning Environment

At Strayer University, we pride ourselves on ensuring that students are central to learning. We also recognize that interactions between a professor and student are a critical factor in the student’s success. In such an atmosphere, where questions are encouraged and ideas are valued, a person learns not only technical skills, but also respect for ideas and for individuals. 

Learning at Strayer University is not restricted to formal instruction within the classroom. Strayer University students can enjoy a wide variety of activities, ranging from membership in a number of nationally recognized honor societies and student clubs as well as participation in student chapters of several professional associations. Check with your local campus for specific information on clubs and associations in your area.

In addition, we recognize that Strayer students come to the classroom with a wide variety of experiences that can help inform the learning process. We encourage a rich exchange so that students learn as much from each other as they do from the faculty and the content.