2019–2020 Catalog

Undeclared Program Admission

A student who wishes to take selected courses for personal and/or professional improvement may apply as a nondegree-seeking student with an undeclared major at the undergraduate or graduate level. Every effort will be made to accommodate such students, subject to prerequisites and enrollment limitations. Undeclared undergraduate program students may not enroll in English or math courses unless they meet the proficiency requirements (outlined in the Undergraduate Admissions section). An academic administrator will determine, based on a personal interview with the student, whether students who wish to take courses at the master’s level have the potential to meet the course learning outcomes. 

Undeclared program students are not eligible to participate in federal financial aid programs. Veterans and other eligible persons, in an undeclared program status, are not entitled to receive veteran's educational benefits. F-1 visa students are not eligible to enroll with an undeclared program status. Undeclared program students may apply later for declared program status according to the admissions procedures and must satisfy all admission requirements.

Credit earned by an undeclared program student may be applied toward a degree, subject to the academic policies governing such degree programs effective at the time he/she is accepted into a degree program. Undeclared program students seeking to transfer credits to another institution must meet the admission requirements of that institution. Students may not remain in an undeclared program status for more than one academic year.