2019–2020 Catalog

Bachelor of Business Administration

The Bachelor of Business Administration prepares graduates for a wide range of managerial positions in business, government and nonprofit organizations. Business administration students acquire fundamental, practical and professional skills in all phases of business including decision-making and problem-solving. The program also provides a strong liberal arts component that develops communications skills, information literacy, abstract thinking and critical analysis while fostering historical, political and social awareness.

The Bachelor of Business Administration program offers concentrations that enable students to tailor their degrees to their careers and educational goals. Concentrations are available in:

  • Accounting
  • Acquisition and Contract Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • Health Services Administration
  • Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Retail Management
  • Social Media Marketing

Also available: an Associate in Arts in Business Administration and a Master of Business Administration.

Strayer University business degree programs are accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP), 11520 West 119th Street, Overland Park, KS 66213, 913.339.9356. All of the above Bachelor of Business Administration program concentration offerings except the Social Media Marketing concentration are within the scope of the university's current ACBSP accreditation.


Area I – Core Component

ACC 100Accounting I

BUS 100Introduction to Business

CIS 105Introduction to Information Systems

COM 101Effective Communication Skills

ENG 115English Composition

FIN 100Principles of Finance

MAT 104Algebra with Applications

Total Credit Hours:31.5

Area II – Major Component

BUS 302Management Concepts

BUS 309Business Ethics

BUS 475Business and Society

BUS 499Business Administration Capstone

ECO 100Principles of Economics

LEG 100Business Law I

MKT 100Principles of Marketing

Total Credit Hours:31.5

Area II – Concentration Component

Students must choose one of the concentrations listed to complete the Bachelor of Business Administration.

Total Credit Hours:22.5

Area III – General Education Component

COM 201The Power of Effective Speaking

ENG 215Research and Writing

ENG 315Professional Communications

HUM 111World Cultures I


HUM 112World Cultures II

HIS 104American History to 1865


HIS 105American History after 1865


POL 110U.S. Government

MAT 300Statistics

PHI 210Critical Thinking

PSY 105Introduction to Psychology

SCI 110Introduction to Physical Science


SCI 115Introduction to Biology


SCI 200Environmental Science

SOC 100Introduction to Sociology

SOC 450Solutions to Global Issues

Total Credit Hours:49.5

Area IV – Elective Component

These courses are selected in consultation with the campus dean or associate campus dean, or student services coach; within this component it is possible for students to develop a minor in a second area of study (see Minors). Students attending New Jersey campuses must take five electives from the General Studies disciplines listed in the catalog: Economics, English, Foreign Language, History, Humanities, Mathematics, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Religion, Science and Sociology.

Total Credit Hours:45.0
Minimum Total Quarter Hours Required for Graduation: 180.0
All courses are 4.5 quarter credit hours.


Total Credit Hours: 180.0

Area II – Concentration

Accounting Concentration

ACC 206Accounting II

ACC 306Microcomputer Applications for Accountants

ACC 307Federal Taxation

ACC 350Managerial Accounting

BUS 315Cost and Price Analysis

Total Credit Hours:22.5

Acquisition and Contract Management Concentration

BUS 315Cost and Price Analysis

BUS 319Principles of Federal Acquisition and Contract Management

BUS 330Contract Administration and Management

BUS 340Contract and Purchasing Negotiation Techniques


BUS 375Project Management

LEG 440Procurement and Contract Law

Total Credit Hours:22.5

Entrepreneurship Concentration

BUS 313Introduction to Entrepreneurship

BUS 363Technology and Innovation in Entrepreneurship

BUS 435Management and Growth in Entrepreneurship

BUS 463Entrepreneurship Feasibility and Analysis

FIN 317Financing Entrepreneurships

Total Credit Hours:22.5

Finance Concentration

ECO 320Money and Banking

FIN 320Investments

FIN 350Financial Markets and Institutions

FIN 355Financial Risk Analysis

FIN 405Advanced Financial Management

Total Credit Hours:22.5

Health Services Administration Concentration

HSA 300Health Services Organization Management

HSA 305Health Services Marketing

HSA 315Health Information Systems

HSA 320Healthcare Human Resource Management

HSA 405Healthcare Policy and Law

Total Credit Hours:22.5

Hospitality and Tourism Management Concentration

HTM 100Principles of Hospitality and Tourism Management

HTM 150Quality Service Assurance

HTM 250Purchasing and Cost Control

HTM 280Lodging Operations Management

HTM 310Food and Beverage Operations Management

Total Credit Hours:22.5

Human Resource Management Concentration

BUS 310Human Resource Management

BUS 325Global Human Resource Management

BUS 335Staffing Organizations

BUS 407Training and Development

BUS 409Compensation Management

Total Credit Hours:22.5

Management Concentration

BUS 310Human Resource Management

BUS 322Organizational Behavior

BUS 375Project Management

BUS 402Small Business Management

BUS 430Operations Management

Total Credit Hours:22.5

Marketing Concentration

MKT 305Consumer Behavior

MKT 312Marketing Communications

MKT 320International Marketing

MKT 402Strategic Market Pricing

MKT 475Strategic Marketing

Total Credit Hours:22.5

Project Management Concentration

BUS 375Project Management

BUS 377Managing Project Risk

BUS 380Managing Project Teams

BUS 419Project Estimating and Budgeting

BUS 437Project Procurement Management

Total Credit Hours:22.5

Retail Management Concentration

MKT 305Consumer Behavior

MKT 310Retail Management

MKT 312Marketing Communications

MKT 315Business Logistics Management

MKT 402Strategic Market Pricing

Total Credit Hours:22.5

Social Media Marketing Concentration

MKT 305Consumer Behavior

MKT 325Social Media Marketing

MKT 330Marketing Research and Digital Analysis

MKT 465Social Media Strategy

MKT 478Social Media Campaign

Total Credit Hours:22.5
All courses are 4.5 quarter credit hours.