2019–2020 Catalog

Bachelor of Business Administration, Joe Gibbs Performance Management Concentration*

The Bachelor of Business Administration prepares graduates for a wide range of managerial positions in business, government and nonprofit organizations. Business Administration students acquire fundamental, practical and professional skills in all phases of business including decision-making and problem-solving capabilities. The program also provides a strong liberal arts component that develops communications skills, information literacy, abstract thinking and critical analysis while fostering historical, political and social awareness.

The Joe Gibbs Performance Management Concentration of the Bachelor of Business Administration is designed to develop you as a leader. If anyone has figured out the key to success, it’s legendary coach Joe Gibbs. With wins in SB XVII, SB XXII, and SB XXVI and four NASCAR championships to his name, Coach Gibbs has defined what it takes to build and lead people to both personal and professional success. This concentration will expose you to the essential elements of performance management and leadership principles so that you can lead from anywhere you are within an organizationwhether private, public or nonprofit. This innovative and practical curriculum draws from Joe Gibbs' coaching strategies to help you determine your personal and professional purpose. You will learn what makes an effective team, how to lead a team to success and to manage challenges along the way.

Also available: an Associate in Arts in Business Administration, a Joe Gibbs Performance Management Graduate Certificate, and a Master of Business Administration.

*This program is available in an online-only format to New Jersey students. 

The Bachelor of Business Administration Joe Gibbs Performance Management concentration is not included within the scope of the university's most current accreditation with the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs.


Area I – Core Component

ACC 100Accounting I

BUS 100Introduction to Business

CIS 105Introduction to Information Systems

COM 101Effective Communication Skills

ENG 115English Composition

FIN 100Principles of Finance

MAT 104Algebra with Applications

Total Credit Hours:31.5

Area II – Major Component

BUS 302Management Concepts

BUS 309Business Ethics

BUS 475Business and Society

BUS 499Business Administration Capstone

ECO 100Principles of Economics

LEG 100Business Law I

MKT 100Principles of Marketing

Total Credit Hours:31.5

Area II – Concentration Component

JGR 100Finding Your Leadership Purpose

JGR 200The Power of People

JGR 210Motivating Teams

JGR 300Performing Under Pressure

JGR 310The Right Way to Win

Total Credit Hours:22.5

Area III – General Education Component

COM 201The Power of Effective Speaking

ENG 215Research and Writing

ENG 315Professional Communications

HUM 111World Cultures I


HUM 112World Cultures II

HIS 104American History to 1865


HIS 105American History after 1865


POL 110U.S. Government

MAT 300Statistics

PHI 210Critical Thinking

PSY 105Introduction to Psychology

SCI 110Introduction to Physical Science


SCI 115Introduction to Biology


SCI 200Environmental Science

SOC 100Introduction to Sociology

SOC 450Solutions to Global Issues

Total Credit Hours:49.5

Area IV – Elective Component

These courses are selected in consultation with the campus dean or associate campus dean, or student services coach; within this component it is possible for students to develop a minor in a second area of study (see Minors).

Total Credit Hours:45.0

All courses are 4.5 quarter credit hours.

Total Credit Hours: 180.0