2019–2020 Catalog

Associate in Arts in Information Systems

The Associate in Arts in Information Systems program is designed to prepare students to support organizational technology processes. This program allows the student to explore current information systems concepts to gain a technical awareness of their organizational significance.

Graduates of this program may apply all the credits earned toward a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.

Also available: a Master of Science in Information Systems and a Bachelor of Science in Information  Technology.

This program is not available at the Arkansas and New Jersey campuses and is available in an online-only format to Arkansas and New Jersey students. This program is called the Associate of Applied Business in Information Systems in Ohio.

Credits earned from Strayer University do not automatically qualify the holder to participate in professional licensing examinations to practice certain information systems professions. General information about information systems licensure options is available from vendor-specific websites such as Microsoft, Project Management Institute, CompTia or EC-Council.

The university recognizes that the IT industry uses IT certifications as a means of vetting potential IT professionals in the fields of computer networks, database management, network security, technical support and more. Therefore, a number of carefully chosen courses have embedded IT certification training along with academic rigor in order to prepare students for being certified. Review the undergraduate-level CIS course descriptions in the course descriptions section of this catalog to determine which courses in this program have certification training availability and the requirements associated with each course. Certifications are the best means of validating a student's skills and knowledge.



BUS 100Introduction to Business

CIS 106Introduction to Information Technology

CIS 109Introduction to Management Information Systems

CIS 111Introduction to Relational Database Management Systems

CIS 175Introduction to Networking

CIS 210Systems Analysis and Development

Total Credit Hours:27.0


These courses are selected in consultation with the campus dean or associate campus dean, or student services coach.

Note: CIS 110 is a recommended elective for students in the AAIS program who plan to continue into the BSIT program.

Total Credit Hours:4.5

All courses are 4.5 quarter credit hours.

General Education Core

WRK 100Preparing for the Future of Work

CIS 101Navigating a Digital World


CIS 105Introduction to Information Systems

COM 100Communication at Work


COM 101Effective Communication Skills

COM 200Communication: The Key to Working Together


COM 201The Power of Effective Speaking

ECO 110Taking Charge of Your Economic Future 

ENG 116Discover the Writer in You


ENG 115English Composition

ENG 201The Power of Persuasion 


ENG 215Research and Writing

MAT 110Using Math to Inform Your World


MAT 104Algebra with Applications

PSY 101Smarter Decisions through Psychology


PSY 105Introduction to Psychology

SOC 101The Story of Us: Embracing Diversity and Collaboration 


SOC 100Introduction to Sociology

Choose one from the following three courses

HUM 201Exploring Cultures: Adapting in a Global World

HUM 111World Cultures I

HUM 112World Cultures II

Choose one from the following four courses

HIS 110U.S. History: Learn from the Past, Prepare for the Future

HIS 104American History to 1865

HIS 105American History after 1865

POL 110U.S. Government

Choose one from the following four courses

SCI 201Unlocking the Secrets of Science and Innovation 

SCI 110Introduction to Physical Science

SCI 115Introduction to Biology

SCI 200Environmental Science

Total Credit Hours:58.5

Total Credit Hours: 90.0