2020-2021 Catalog

SEC 340 Computer Forensic Technology


CIS 175 OR CIS 332 OR CIS 333 OR CIS 337

This is a lab-based course that provides the knowledge and skills to identify, track and prosecute cybercriminals. Students are presented an understanding of computer forensics, creating a secure lab, the process for forensic investigation including first responder response techniques, incident management and reports used by computer forensic investigators. The course covers a broad base of topics designed to detect attacks and collect evidence in a forensically sound manner. Topics also include the preparatory steps to identify evidence in computer related crime and abuse cases as well as track a hacker's path through a client system.


Certification offering: Certification availability is subject to change.

Course preparation requirements: Course may require that prerequisites are satisfied through completion of a course at Strayer University, transfer credit or review of previous certifications earned. Contact your campus dean or associate campus dean, or student services coach for additional information.