2020-2021 Catalog


Students enrolled at Strayer University in undergraduate or graduate academic programs may choose to take courses online, in a classroom, or in a hybrid model.

Students must have reliable access to a computer and the internet to take any course at the Institution. All course modalities have the same academic requirements and are taught by Strayer faculty. During a course, faculty assess students, respond to inquiries and interact with the students to support their learning efforts. Student assessment typically includes discussions, videos, written exams, quizzes, projects, presentations, research papers and case studies.

Students are able to contact their instructors outside the scheduled online sessions by email, telephone or by scheduling personal meetings. A constant academic dialogue is maintained as students submit their assignments throughout the quarter and receive feedback from the instructor.

Students who live in states where Strayer has a campus and who enroll online must follow the curriculum requirements and policies of their home state unless otherwise indicated. Students should check with virtualadvisingcenter@strayer.edu for confirmation on program availability.

Students studying in all modalities must meet the same academic, admission and financial aid requirements; must observe the same policies and procedures; and must have the same access to student services and activities.