2020-2021 Catalog


As the university’s general student population is composed of working adults attending college on a part-time basis at night and/or on the weekend, Strayer University does not provide on-campus housing. However, campuses are designed with space for appropriate academic and administrative support and most include, but are not limited to, a learning resources center, classrooms, consulting and counseling offices, computer lab or mobile computing space, and a student collaboration area.

Mobile computing is increasing, and the university is evolving its campuses for mobile computing. The university is making noticeable, qualitative improvements in our students’ learning experience, including modernizing the learning environment and style of various campuses. Mobile computing campuses have a modern look and feel, including:

  • Ample meeting and collaboration spaces

  • Mobile furniture for more configurable space

  • Wi-Fi to help you connect to your online resources and with instructors and fellow students

  • Plenty of USB and power outlets to plug in your mobile devices and laptop computers

As our mobile computing campuses evolve, they won't contain a traditional classroom computer lab or an open computer lab. Students attending on-site classes at a mobile computing campus with a computer lab component will need to bring their own personal laptops.

All facilities, including mobile computing campuses, are specifically designed to support the educational mission and objectives of the educational programs offered by the university. On-ground campuses in Florida are substantially similar to most of the other on-ground campuses operated by Strayer University.