2021-2022 Catalog

Graduate Certificate, Marketing and Branding for Entrepreneurs

Students in this certificate program will develop their business communication skills and personal branding within a digital setting. The Graduate Certificate in Marketing and Branding for Entrepreneurs will equip students with the marketing and PR skills to grow and expand a business in today's digital world. Finally, students will learn how to conduct their business ethically and legally to protect their brand and business as a whole.


This certificate is only available in an online format.


Required Courses

COM 510Business Communications: Using Social Media to Boost Your Personal Brand

LEG 500Law, Ethics and Corporate Governance: Understanding the Legal and Ethical Considerations Critical to Running a Digital Start-Up

MKT 500Marketing Management: Marketing and PR in the 21st Century

Total Credit Hours:13.5

All courses are 4.5 quarter credit hours.

This certificate is designed for students pursuing the Digital Entrepreneurship MBA program or in the Graduate Certificate in Marketing and Branding for Entrepreneurs. To confer a graduate certificate, students must successfully complete all three required courses with at least two of the three courses in the Digital Entrepreneurship MBA (Facebook) version of the graduate certificate requirements.