2021-2022 Catalog

University Library

The university library supports the academic programs and the university information literacy plan with physical and electronic instructional resources and services. Users can access resources and services through the iCampus student platform, Blackboard LMS or directly at https://library.strayer.edu.

Physical resources are housed in campus-based Learning Resources Centers and may include books, reference works and audio-visuals. Users can browse the open public access catalog at https://printbooks.strayer.edu/. Eligible books circulate for 12-week periods and are renewable and available to all eligible borrowers regardless of location. Borrowers can receive books through intracampus delivery and shipping services. Audio-visuals and other special collection items are available for on-campus use only.

Electronic resources include more than 25 databases with access to more than one million resources including peer-reviewed journals, eBooks, audiobooks, reports, reference works and popular periodicals. Users can access services including online tutorials, the virtual writing center and the Ask Your Librarian reference service at https://library.strayer.edu.

The university library offers interlibrary loan and document delivery services to eligible borrowers. Interlibrary loans are only offered through the Ask Your Librarian function. Students may request books, copies of articles or chapters, and other resources to support their coursework. We maintain relationships with several universities. Borrowers may contact the Ask Your Librarian service for assistance.

The Office of the University Librarian, located at the Wilkes Library of the Washington, D.C., campus, coordinates library resources and services in collaboration with the Library Advisory Board, faculty and academic teams and in accordance with library planning and collection development documents. Collections emphasize accounting, business administration, health services, public administration, criminal justice and information systems. Materials are collected to support all programs, general electives, career information and individual growth.