2023-2024 Catalog

Bachelor of Science in Health Services Administration

The Bachelor of Science in Health Services Administration prepares students to be transformational healthcare leaders equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed for administration and management in healthcare, non-profit and corporate settings. Students will gain an introduction to business, accounting, core areas of health services administration and management such as medical terminology, healthcare economics and finance, ethics, electronic health records, aspects of human resources, marketing, data quality and systems, policy, as well as regulations and laws applicable to the field of healthcare. 

The Bachelor of Science in Health Services Administration program offers concentrations that enable students to tailor their degrees to their careers and educational goals. Concentrations are available in:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Health Information Management and Analytics
  • Human Resource Management 
  • Management
  • Project Management
  • Public Health


This program is available in an online-only format and is not available to students in Florida or Georgia. This program does not currently offer access to federal financial aid from the U.S. Department of Education.



BUS 100Introduction to Business

ACC 100Accounting I

HSA 110Navigating Healthcare with Innovation

HSA 115Healthcare Communication and Terminology

HSA 225Economics and Finance for Healthcare Leaders

HSA 235Ethical Decision Making for Leaders

HSA 255Introduction to Electronic Health Records

HSA 300Health Services Organization Management

HSA 305Health Services Marketing

HSA 315Health Information Systems

HSA 320Healthcare Human Resource Management

HSA 405Healthcare Policy and Law

HSA 475Innovation, Research, and Data Analytics

HSA 499Undergraduate Health Services Administration Capstone

Total Credit Hours:63


Students must choose one of the concentrations listed to complete the Bachelor of Science in Health Services Administration.


Total Credit Hours:22.5

General Education Core

CIS 101Navigating a Digital World

COM 100Communication at Work

COM 200Communication: The Key to Working Together

ECO 110Taking Charge of Your Economic Future 

ENG 116Discover the Writer in You

ENG 201The Power of Persuasion 

HIS 110U.S. History: Learn from the Past, Prepare for the Future

HUM 201Exploring Cultures: Adapting in a Global World

MAT 110Using Math to Inform Your World

MAT 210Data-Driven Decisions

PHI 201Thinking it Through

PSY 101Smarter Decisions through Psychology

SCI 201Unlocking the Secrets of Science and Innovation 

SOC 101The Story of Us: Embracing Diversity and Collaboration 

WRK 100Preparing for the Future of Work

Total Credit Hours:67.5


These courses are selected in consultation with a dean, advisor or coach; within this component it is possible for students to develop a minor in a second area of study (see Minors).


Total Credit Hours:27.0

Concentration Requirement

Entrepreneurship Concentration

The Entrepreneurship Concentration teaches students to develop critical thinking and decision-making skills to identify new business opportunities. Students will learn to create a business plan to raise capital to fund business ventures. Students will be prepared to organize, plan, manage and control the functions of the business to accelerate business growth.

BUS 313Introduction to Entrepreneurship

BUS 363Technology and Innovation in Entrepreneurship

BUS 435Management and Growth in Entrepreneurship

BUS 463Entrepreneurship Feasibility and Analysis

FIN 317Financing Entrepreneurships

Total Credit Hours:22.5

Health Information Management and Analytics Concentration

The Health Information Management and Analytics concentration prepares students to obtain, analyze, and protect patient health information essential to quality care. Students will learn about roles, process, and functions in healthcare settings through survey of health informatics, health records and information exchange, data management and analytics, software applications used in the US Healthcare System, as well as data use and presentation in healthcare. 

HSA 350Survey of Health Informatics

HSA 352Electronic Health Records and Information Exchange

HSA 355Data Management and Analytics

HSA 410Health IT Applications

HSA 412Data Application and Presentation in Healthcare

Total Credit Hours:22.5

Human Resource Management Concentration

The Human Resources Management Concentration will examine the roles and functions of human resources professionals. Students will focus on staffing, development planning, compensation and global human resource management. Students will be prepared for careers seeking human resource professionals in a variety of industries.

BUS 310Human Resource Management

BUS 325Global Human Resource Management

BUS 335Staffing Organizations

BUS 407Training and Development

BUS 409Compensation Management

Total Credit Hours:22.5
All courses are 4.5 quarter credit hours.

Management Concentration

The Management Concentration will support students with developing the fundamental skills of management. Students will learn how to determine and set the tone for organizational behaviors, management of human capital, projects and operations. Students will be equipped to work in small, medium and large organizations.

BUS 310Human Resource Management

BUS 322Organizational Behavior

BUS 375Project Management

BUS 402Small Business Management

BUS 430Operations Management

Total Credit Hours:22.5

Project Management Concentration

The Project Management Concentration will focus on the essential skills of a project manager. Students will be prepared to support human capital with reaching project goals and milestones. The student will learn to manage project contracting and procurement. As well as develop methods for managing project risk. Students will be equipped to serve in roles where project management skills are needed within the business.

BUS 375Project Management

BUS 377Managing Project Risk

BUS 380Managing Project Teams

BUS 419Project Estimating and Budgeting

BUS 437Project Procurement Management

Total Credit Hours:22.5

Public Health Concentration

The Public Health Concentration provides students with a foundation to the field of public health, basic biostatistics, epidemiology, disease prevention, and emergency management and preparedness.  Students will be prepared to pursue entry level careers in public health.

HSA 360Foundations of Public Health

HSA 362Basic Biostatistics

HSA 365Epidemiology

HSA 420Disease Prevention

HSA 422Emergency Management & Preparedness

Total Credit Hours:22.5

Total Credit Hours: 180.0