2023-2024 Catalog

Master of Business Administration

The Master of Business Administration program offers a broad set of business management tools while also allowing students a choice of concentration in order to tailor their degrees to fit their careers and learning goals. The program curriculum prepares working professionals to become effective decision-makers and managers in a world increasingly affected by globalization, technology and ethical challenges. It is designed for working professionals from a wide range of backgrounds who wish to advance or enhance their business careers.

Students who have not had courses in certain fields of study may be required to take additional coursework as a prerequisite for completing some of the concentrations.

The Master of Business Administration program will use basic computer literacy skills (such as word processing and use of spreadsheets) that will be expected in the workplace. Students entering the program are expected to have a basic knowledge of MS Office or equivalent.

The Master of Business Administration program is an exciting educational option for students looking to increase their understanding, advance their careers and expand their opportunities in the world of business.

Concentrations are available in the following areas:

(See Note below regarding study requirements for North Carolina and Pennsylvania students.)

  • Accounting
  • Acquisition
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Systems Management*
  • Business Data 
  • Cybersecurity Management*
  • Digital Entrepreneurship*
  • Finance
  • Global Management**
  • Health Services Administration
  • Human Resource Management
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Professional Studies (This concentration is called the MBA Graduate Elective in North Carolina.)
  • Project Management
  • Public Administration
  • Sales***


*Artificial Intelligence (AI) Systems Management, Cybersecurity Management and Digital Entrepreneurship: These concentrations are only available online.

**Global Management: This concentration is not offered at on-ground campuses in Maryland or Mississippi. Is only available online in Maryland and Mississippi.

***Sales: This concentration is not available in North Carolina and Pennsylvania.

Note: Availability subject to state regulatory approvals, may not be available in all states. For students residing in North Carolina and Pennsylvania, in order to earn the Master of Business Administration, they must complete 54 quarter credit hours composed of the required courses and a concentration. Please see the North Carolina or Pennsylvania state-specific curriculum information for program requirements details applicable in those states. For North Carolina and Pennsylvania students completing the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Systems Management, Business Data and Cybersecurity Management concentrations, these concentrations are only available online in these states. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Systems Management and Cybersecurity concentrations are not available in Florida or Georgia.

Strayer business programs create value for students by providing a flexible, innovative and career-focused experience to maximize their economic mobility and empower them to succeed in business. The Strayer University Master of Business Administration degree program is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP), 11520 West 119th Street, Overland Park, KS 66213, 913.339.9356.

Required Courses

Required Courses

ACC 556Financial Accounting for Managers

BUS 520Leadership and Organizational Behavior

BUS 599Strategic Management

COM 510Business Communications

ECO 550Managerial Economics and Globalization

FIN 534Financial Management

LEG 500Law, Ethics and Corporate Governance

BUS 512Data-Driven Decision Making for Leaders

MKT 500Marketing Management

Graduate Elective from a concentration component in the Master of Business Administration

Total Credit Hours:45.0

Optional Concentration Component

Students may earn a Master of Business Administration with concentration by completing one of the following concentrations listed below. For students electing to complete a concentration, a course from the chosen concentration will satisfy the Graduate Elective requirement in the program core. Once students satisfactorily complete the two remaining concentration courses they will have completed 12 total courses and earned a total of 54.0 total quarter credit hours.

Accounting Concentration

The Accounting Concentration reviews foundational accounting principles from the perspective of a business manager. Students will acquire skills and knowledge in cost accounting, organizational tax research and planning, and financial reporting and analysis. Students will be prepared to interpret accounting data to inform business decisions about organizational challenges.

ACC 560Cost Accounting

ACC 565Organizational Tax Research and Planning

ACC 573Financial Reporting and Analysis

Total Credit Hours:13.5

Acquisition Concentration

The Acquisition Concentration evaluates the foundational elements of contract management from the perspective of general business and government. The concepts of government acquisitions, business strategies and proposals, and government contract law will be reviewed. Students will be able to evaluate the unique requirements and expectations of the federal government acquisition and contraction system to determine their impact on a business.

BUS 501Government Acquisition

BUS 505Business Strategies and Proposals

LEG 505Government Contract Law

Total Credit Hours:13.5

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Systems Management Concentration*

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Systems Management Concentration is designed to provide professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively manage and optimize AI systems within organizations. The program focuses on AI strategies to enhance systems performance and capabilities, providing students with a comprehensive understanding of AI technologies, their implementation, and the management principles required to drive successful AI initiatives. This concentration is suitable for individuals who are interested in the intersection of AI and business strategies.

CIS 509Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence Systems Management

CIS 543AI Strategy for Performance Optimization

CIS 548AI for Innovation and Strategic Decision-Making

Total Credit Hours:13.5

Business Data Concentration

The Business Data Concentration assesses organizational data needs to drive business decisions and business process development. Concepts covered include understanding business data, business data and decisions, and operational data. Students will be able to conduct business analyses using current industry trends and data sets to solve business problems. 

DAT 500Understanding Business Data

DAT 510Business Data and Decisions

DAT 520Operational Data

Total Credit Hours:13.5

Cybersecurity Management Concentration*

The Cybersecurity Management Concentration applies current and emerging security management best practices to protect computing environments and reduce risk to organizations. Concepts reviewed include information systems for decision-making, theories of security management, IT risk management, and identifying and responding to cybercrimes. Students will be able to develop information technology strategies and mitigate the risk of cybercrimes to improve quality, timeliness and competitive advantage for organizations.

CIS 500Information Systems for Decision-Making


CIS 502Theories of Security Management

CIS 527IT Risk Management

CIS 552Cybercrime Techniques and Response

Total Credit Hours:13.5

Digital Entrepreneurship Concentration*

The Digital Entrepreneurship Concentration presents the foundational knowledge of small businesses. Students will learn fundamental knowledge of managing a start-up organization, digital aspects of business operations, and the technology and product management needed to be successful in a business environment.

BUS 523High Growth Digital Startup Management

BUS 543Digital Business Operations

BUS 553Technology and Product Management

Total Credit Hours:13.5

*Digital Entrepreneurship: This concentration is only available online.

Finance Concentration

The Finance Concentration provides students the knowledge to formulate financial management strategies for a firm’s operations in global markets. The elements of international finance, advanced corporate finance and corporate investment analysis are discussed. Students should be prepared to evaluate capital investments and structure to minimize risks and maximize rewards for a firm. Students will also be able to apply analytical techniques and models to inform investment decisions.

FIN 535International Finance

FIN 540Advanced Corporate Finance

FIN 550Corporate Investment Analysis

Total Credit Hours:13.5

Global Management Concentration**

The Global Management Concentration applies management theories and practices to organizations operating in global markets. Students will learn global business management techniques and practices, how to formulate global strategy and global marketing management principles. Student should be prepared to create global operations strategies to achieve a competitive advantage within international business environments.

MGT 510Global Business Management

BUS 536Global Strategy

MKT 515Global Marketing Management

Total Credit Hours:13.5

*Global Management: This concentration is not offered at on-ground campuses in Maryland or Mississippi. It is only available online in Maryland and Mississippi.

Health Services Administration Concentration

The Health Services Administration Concentration reviews the principles and practices of administration in a healthcare services setting. Students will learn how to manage a healthcare business; the policies, laws, and ethics of working in the healthcare industry; and how to properly manage the financial side of a profitable healthcare organization. Students will be prepared for careers in the administration and management of the healthcare organizations.

HSA 501Management in Healthcare

HSA 515Healthcare Policy, Law and Ethics

HSA 525Health Financial Management

Total Credit Hours:13.5

Human Resource Management Concentration

The Human Resource Management Concentration explores the fundamental practices of human resources from an organizational management perspective. Students will learn the foundations and strategic perspective of human resource management along with how to effectively manage change within an organization. Students will be prepared for careers that require fundamental human resource knowledge.

HRM 500Human Resource Management Foundations

HRM 530Strategic Human Resource Management

HRM 560Managing Organizational Change

Total Credit Hours:13.5

Management Concentration

The Management Concentration of the MBA program emphasizes the foundations of management including management principles and practices of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. Students will learn the interactions of the functional aspects of business from the operations perspective, explore the concepts and applications of sustainable business, and evaluate the strategic aspects of human resource management. Students are presented the fundamental skills and knowledge necessary to make effective business decisions.

BUS 515Operations Management

BUS 521Entrepreneurship and Innovation


HRM 530Strategic Human Resource Management

MGT 500Modern Management

Total Credit Hours:13.5

Marketing Concentration

The Marketing Concentration enables students to create marketing strategies that lead to a competitive advantage in the current global marketplace. Students will acquire knowledge and skills in global marketing management, social media marketing and consumer behavior. Students will be prepared to develop marketing approaches that consider the impact of consumer behavior.

MKT 515Global Marketing Management

MKT 520Social Media Marketing

MKT 510Consumer Behavior

Total Credit Hours:13.5

Professional Studies Concentration**

The Professional Studies Concentration provides students the opportunity to create a custom learning experience in business. Students will be able to choose three courses from the portfolio of MBA concentration courses that they feel best fit their learning needs. Students also have the option of taking the BUS 595 Business Experience through Workplace Learning course as one of their three courses in this concentration. Through the choice of three additional graduate courses, students will be able to acquire skills and knowledge necessary to be successful in their chosen career within the business environment.

These courses are selected in consultation with a dean or coach. Courses may be selected from graduate-level courses in developing a curriculum that meets students' educational and professional needs. Students are responsible for fulfilling any prerequisites associated with the graduate courses selected in the program.

Total Credit Hours:13.5

**Professional Studies: This concentration is called the MBA Graduate Elective in North Carolina.

Project Management Concentration

The Project Management Concentration applies the fundamentals of the project management process to an organizational project. Students will learn the skills and knowledge of the project management process including determining project cost, effective project scheduling and sequencing, and quality management to ensure successful project delivery. Students will also learn how to identify and mitigate project risk through the project management process. 

BUS 517Project Management

BUS 518Project Management Leadership

BUS 519Project Risk Management

Total Credit Hours:13.5

Public Administration Concentration

The Public Administration Concentration provides opportunities for students to evaluate public policies and programs using quantitative analysis skills. Topics covered include modern public administration, public budgeting and finance, policy analysis and program evaluation, and public personnel management. Students will be prepared to apply organizational and management practices to ensure efficiency and accountability within public and non-profit organizations.                                     

PAD 500Modern Public Administration: Managing Public and Nonprofit Organizations

PAD 505Public Budgeting and Finance

PAD 530Public Personnel Management

Total Credit Hours:13.5

Sales Concentration***

The Sales Concentration provides the opportunity to refine one's knowledge and skills in sales. Through the process of identifying trends through ongoing customer and market research, students will better understand the sales process, strategy and communications. Students will be prepared to build a targeted sales strategy that leverages appropriate inputs from key internal and external stakeholders.

SAL 500Understanding Sales

SAL 510Sales Strategy

SAL 520Sales Communications

Total Credit Hours:13.5

***Sales: The Sales concentration is not available in North Carolina and Pennsylvania.

All courses are 4.5 quarter credit hours.

Total Credit Hours: 45.0-54.0